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What is it ?

Jop TailorToolkit is a collection of Houdini Digital Assets.
It is easy, comprehensive, fast and reliable toolset dedicated to CG tailoring animation.

Where to find them ?

The tools are avalaible on Orbolt online store.


The tools rely on some new features introduced in Houdini 18.
So you'll need Houdini 18 at least.

The tools

3 Main tools:

2 Utilities:

  • Jop CarveTool, switches the upstream tool from growing to carving animation.
  • Jop StrandTool, converts the upstream curves to multi-strands.

Features videos

You can watch some features overview here on Vimeo:

Jop KnitTool
Jop EdgeStitchTool
Jop SeamTool
Jop CarveTool
Jop StrandTool